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Can I use my iPhone or Android phone/tablet to access/update my information?
Android APP is available now with iPhone APP and Windows Phone APP being considered.
Is there any record limit on how much information I can store in my Account?
No, once you purchase a particular Convention, you may have as many leads in the folder as needed, no limit.
Can I output my information to Microsoft word for mail merging?
Yes, just use the EXPORT option button in the Contact Maintenace Option.
How do I add a new convention that does not show in LeadTrax right now?
Please email your convention contact along with their phone #. We will contact them and add that Convention to the "Available Conventions" list. Should not take more than a few days.
I have a friend that would like to use LeadTrax, do you have a referral program?
YES, when they create their account they will be asked who referred them. Have them put your name in that field and you will receive a $25 gift card as a thank you from LeadTrax.
When I sign up for a particular convention, will I see all the attendees for that convention in my Contact file?
Yes, once you "Purchase" a particular convention, you will see all the attendees instantly. Then, you can go in and add reason codes, notes, picture, or an image of their business card. Depending on the convention, the leads phone number and email address field will not show unless you have scanned their badge at the show. This is a convention restriction, not a LeadTrax restriction.
When I purchase a non-convention list, will I see all the records in that list in my Contact file?
Yes, once you "Purchase" a particular list, you will see all the records under the "LIST" type. Once you view a record that you want to convert to a "Contact", you change their type from LIST to LEAD. Then, you can go in and add reason codes, notes, picture, or an image of their business card. Any phone number and email that is in the original data will show immediately when the list shows up in your Contact Maintenace Screen.
What happens if I scan someone at a convention that is IN / NOT IN my contact file?
If the contact is already IN your Contact file, the Android application will bring up that EXISTING record. If the scanned person is NOT IN in the contact file then a NEW record will be added in your Contact file under LEAD and that record will be displayed.
How do I signup to use your website?
Just click "Log In" up at the top right of the main screen. Once you are on the Login page, click the register link. Enter a user name and password, a reminder question and answer. The site will request a security code to complete the process. This code will be sent your your email address. Enter that code and you are registered. You may enter your own contacts for free but will need to "Purchase" a particular convention to access those names and edit the additional information for those leads.
How does your system work? How do people in the Events/Lists show up in my Contacts?
When you purchase a List, it becomes available as a entry in your Contact Type pick list in your Contact screen. You can search through that list and once you find a entry that is a potential LEAD or a new CUSTOMER, you "Convert" them. There is an option on the button bar that allows you to copy that entry over to your LEAD Contact list. Once they are there you can add new info about the Customer including: - Reasons they stopped by your booth at a convention. - Additional Notes about the contact. - A picture of the contact or image of their business card. - Items from your product list that want to purchase or flyers that should be emailed to them. All your purchased LISTS or LEADS or CUSTOMERS are available for mail merging to with the "Output Mail Merge Option" in the Contact Maintenance Screen (coming soon).